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Pardus HD RoM™ Classic 7.6

●●●●●●●●●●●●● Pardus HD RoM™ Classic Volume 7.6 20F ●●●●●●●●●●●●●

● Based on D802 20F OPEN ITALY Base

● Dorimanx 6.2 Kitkat Kernel

  • Default I/O Scheduling: ROW.
  • More I/O Scheduling present in kernel: DEADLINE, NOOP, CFQ, SIO, BFQ.
  • Default CPU frequency: 300-2803 MHz (MAX OC up to 2.8Ghz speed!).
  • You can set MIN/MAX CPU Freq in CPU tuning apps.
  • You can set MAX freq for screen OFF state!
  • Default CPU governor: Ondemand.
  • More CPU Govs present, conservative, performance, Intelidemand, OndemandPlus, Nightmare, Hyper, Pegasusq, IntelliActive, Alucard.
  • Support for Kernel HOTPLUG=
  • Support for Kernel HOTPLUG
  • Support for Kernel HOTPLUG 
  • Support Inteli CPU Temp control 
  • Support for CPU BOOST code.
  • Support 4 GPU Govs! + Tuning in STweaks. 
  • Support limit OC to 2.3Ghz / 2.5Ghz / 2.7Ghz / 2.8Ghz 
  • Support undervolt/overvolting via sysfs interface/apps interface
  • Support using phone as keyboard and mouse for PC over USB! 
  • You will need APP USB Keyboard! also to enable USB keyboard in STweaks.
  • CIFS network share mounting supported.
  • Debugging is OFF by Default to save CPU cycles, and extend battery life.
  • Internal kernel function fixes (ie, memory leaks, scheduler fixes).
  • High performance, low latency kernel.
  • Compiled with -O2 flags and hardware neon-vfpv4 FPU enabled.
  • Built from official LG v20d/v20E/v20f/v20u/v21p kernel source.
  • Lokified during flash! Suport ONLY JB BootLoaders!
  • File systems support: Ext2/3/4, FAT32, CIFS, USB OTG.
  • EXFAT, NTFS supported but need USB OTG APP! it's not native!
  • WIFI Driver 1.88.60
  • Sound Driver Control (Headphones Gain) use Faux Sound App.
  • Sound Driver Controls for MIC/Speaker Gain via STweaks APP.
  • Always forced fast charge! no matter what you select in ROM.
  • Sweep2Sleep! allow sweeping from right to left and backwards! on soft buttons to turn off the screen.
  • Kernel created using Linaro 2014.06 compiled by me, powerful ToolChain GCC 4.9.1 + all needed mods for it.
  • Running Scripts from /system/etc/init.d/ is SUPPORTED but OFF in STweaks! if you need it, enable.
  • STweaks Kernel Control App will be installed with kernel.
  • Support JDI and LGD Screen types by Auto! 

  • Upgrade your Recovery to TWRP or Latest Philz Recovery
  • Backup your ROM (if needed)
  • Full Wipe (Dalvik, Cache, System & Data)
  • Install the
  • Install the KK Baseband ( Only When Coming JellyBean or AOSP Rom ! )
  • Reboot
  • Wait 5 minutes for system stability !
  • If you loose ROOT after rom install, SuperSu 2.00 zip and install via recovery!
  • Enjoy !!
An important note !!!

If you want to port or use it in your own roms or mods speak to me first.

This has nothing to do with rom Pardus Linux project - There has not been for commercial activities

ROM ----->

LG Apps ( Don't Flash !!! a typical installation ) -----> 

Version Information
Status: Stable
Current Stable Version: 7.6
Stable Release Date: 2014-07-26

Created 2014-03-21
Last Updated 2014-07-26
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