Tuesday, 11 February 2014

Simplicity v5 [ROM + No Kernel]

simplicity Edition---

what is simplicity rom ???
1.) simplicity rom is the simple but the advanced rom for our ace [gt-s5830i/c/m]
2.) this rom is based on 2.3.6 stock rom [remember it is not ics/jelly bean] [ it is modded to a great extend ]
3.) it has some themes which can be flashed via recovery .......[goto theme section @ 2/3 post ]
4.) it is created by me using free apps [ as we all know warez r not allowed - fourm rulez ] [please follow them too]
5.) all the apps used in development of rom r free and r opened sourced...
6.) i m not copyrighting my rom ....... u can use any part of my rom but first take my permissions & then if u get permissions then the only thing left is credits.......
7) do not mirror my roms & themes....[otherwise u know what i can do ]
8.) i ve added credits to the people without them this rom was not possible........[refer the credit section ]
9.) please if u found any warez in my rom - first post here or PM me then if i m not replying to ur PM's then only take the things to MOD'S.....
10.) No kernel included in the Rom ...

F.A.Q ----------

1. STATUSBAR GREPER.APK is not working ??? --- yes , it is of no use,dont delete it [essential for brightnessbar in statusbar ]
2. kies not working ??? -- i know that .. use kies air......
3. u r not supporting rom further after v5 [last edition] ??? -- yes....
4. no sound tones ??? -- flash amzing sound flashable by - iamareebjamal
5. gestures r not working in this rom???-- yes not working
6. stuck at bootlogo after flashing??? --- try to flash stock rom using odin then install this rom agian.....
7. kernel is not flashing ??? -- --- flash rom >kernel with e3 >modules without any reboot btw them.....
8. headphones r not working ????? ---- flash kernel modules also with kernel..
9. white line at top of statusbar ????? ---- its battery bar & u can customised it in settings>simplicity setings>battery bar..
10. camera settings r small ????? ---- replace the camera app with this also this bug is in custom kernel......flash stock kernel [can be found above in mods/tweaks section]
I m presenting my Last Edition of simplicity Rom.....


Changelog of simplicity rom --------->
changelog of v5 --------
1. added jelly bean layout
2. added jelly bean statusbar
3. added jelly bean usb mount/unmount
4. added call recorder with settings
5. added ics styled sony home modded by me..
6. added extended power menu [6 options]
7. removed unnecessary mods,apps
8. added chrome [ ninesky browser modded by me ]
9.added jelly bean styled phone calling mode
10. battery charging bug removed [while switch off ]
11. battery bug removed while charging[ when switch on]
12. some ui changes + more smoothness.....
13. s3 ripple lockscreen
14. Arabic language support .....[no need for any patch ]
15. crt animation on lockscreen on [ check all animations in display settings ]

Most Advanced & Customisable Rom

Download Links ----------
[all roms previous versions ] Download :-> http://www.mediafire.com/abhi922

latest builds :--->

Simplicity v5 Last Edition ------------- http://www.mediafire.com/?hz1saaovd0er6dd

Simplicity 5.2 patch --- http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...postcount=1248


Simplicity cosmic AOSP 4+ patch --- http://forum.xda-developers.com/show...postcount=1861

patches :-> http://www.mediafire.com/?g8x7k0rw47f6c

How to install ROM: --------

very important ---- if u stuck at boot logo then first flash stock rom using odin..............then flash this rom

1) Download the rom . Place it on the sd card.
2) Boot in Recovery. (HOME+VOLUME UP+POWER).
3) Wipe data/reset, Wipe cache partition.
4) Then go to advanced & wipe Dalvik cache , wipe battery stats...
5) mount system/data in mount & storage menu of cwm [click here for refrence]
6) Then choose zip from sdcard & Flash.
7) reboot & u r done. 

u can also refer this video for installation instructions & review by FELIPE NDC.......[thanxx to him]

u can also refer this video for review by Galaxy Ace Tutos......[thanxx to him]

How to install custom kernel: --------

1. first follow the above procedure to install rom carefully....
2. then download kernel with 3e & modules from rafeal's thread....
3. then goto recovery cwm temporary.....
4) mount system/data in mount & storage menu of cwm [click here for refrence]
5. then choose zip from sdcard & install kernel.zip....
6. again choose zip from sdcard & install modules.zip... [donot reboot btw this two installation..] 
7. reboot .......&...enjoy.............

[easiest & the definite working method for refael's kernel installation...]

Rom Screenshots-------

Languges supported -----

Go for more custom Rom Here


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