Sunday, 22 December 2013

[Guide] To Port ARMv7 Games To ARMv6 Devices

ARMv6 in Easy Words Can Be Said As A Architectural Core..

What To Know:
  • It's A Educational Trick
  • I am not responsible for Using It For Other Processes.
  • The Guide Will Only help To Port Older Version Of UNITY Engine Games.
  • Unity3D Apps which cannot be ported may have libs in there obb.
  • Every Game Will not work if ported like NFSMW, Asphalt, etc.

What All You May Require:
ZipSigner2 - ZipSigner2.apk
AutoAPKTool - Here
Libs From Unity - Here
Notepad++ - Here
WinRAR - Here

Checking Whether Game is Of Unity Engine:
  1. Open The Apk Using WinRAR
  2. Check Libs/Armeabi-V7/ - Two Files
  3. Above^ Files Present So The Game Can Be Ported.. 

Checking The Version Of Unity3D:
  1. Open The Apk Using WinRAR
  2. Go To assets/bin/data
  3. Open the file mainData using Notepad++

Now, Conversion Of The Apk:
  1. Delete Armeabi-V7 Folder From
  2. -apk/libs/>here<
  3. -apk/assets/libs/>here<
  4. Replace with the One In The Libs.rar As Per The Version[Here We Have=3.5.5f3]

Sign The Apk Using ZipSigner2[ROOT] in phone or Use AutoAPKTool in Computer..



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